865 South Figueroa

Over 30 years of reliable facade access for 865 South Figueroa

This striking 35-storey tower rises 157.6 metres (517 feet) into the Los Angeles skyline in the downtown financial district. Opened in 1990, it has variously been known as Manufacturer’s Life Tower, Trust Company of the West Tower and TCW Tower. The building provides approximately 852,000 square feet of office space and remains the twenty-fourth tallest in LA. The stunning design by Architect AC Martin features a facade of polished red granite cladding and reflective bronze glazed surfaces. The complex building geography encompasses raised sections of the parapet wall and multiple setbacks.

Manntech developed the original Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) in 1989 (operating back then under the Mannesmann brand. The BMU was required to be among the most advanced machines of its time to navigate over high sections of parapet walls and reach out over numerous setbacks. It was also designed to be stored in a visually unobtrusive parked position under the roof when not in use.

Over 30 years later, the client and their Chief Engineer remain pleased with the continuing performance of the facade access system. As an example of the longevity and high quality manufacturing of Manntech’s European engineered building maintenance systems, it is still in good condition and operates reliably.

Manntech takes pride in developing robust facade access systems conceived from the beginning as an intelligent investment in facade care and maintenance that will pay off over decades of use. Despite the constant advances in technology, installing a well engineered, robust building maintenance unit has stood the test of time for 865 South Figueroa. The only potential modernisation required now is an upgrade to a modern electrical control system.

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