Custom Facade Access Solutions

Manntech is renowned for supplying advanced building maintenance solutions to some of the world’s most recognisable and architecturally complex buildings and structures. There are few facade access providers in the world who are able to devise such innovative access systems to service unique and intricate facade structures.

The Manntech brand is synonymous with the design and manufacture of high quality, bespoke solutions made for purpose to suit complex facades worldwide. Our customised facade access solutions are exclusively developed to meet the various requirements of specific architectural challenges. These unique solutions are conceived and tailored to the requirements of the building in terms of the design aesthetic, the technical parameters and the practical access requirements for the upkeep and maintenance of the building.

Manntech can claim many years’ of experience in designing and manufacturing bespoke access solutions for highly complex structures with any number of challenging features which make standard systems impractical or entirely unworkable. This might mean developing bespoke access solutions for buildings with varying, staggered heights, facades with a range of difficult recesses and protrusions, and systems capable of navigating sloping or spherical surfaces.

We are regularly involved with numerous ‘landmark’ projects where the architectural integrity of the building is paramount, demanding that the access solutions meet the same high standards of technological innovation and aesthetic to preserve the clean lines of the building structure. This often means drawing on all of our expertise and experience to deliver an access solution integrated into the contours of the building, without losing functionality.

Some of our landmark projects include the Pylon of the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, which provides access to all facades for painting, the World Trade Centre in Abu Dhabi where we have four high angle climbing machines garaged neatly inside the buildings and the mega tall Shanghai Tower.

Custom Solutions For A Unique Building – The World Trade Centre, Abu Dhabi

The pinnacle of our complex, customised range can be found in action at Central Market in Abu Dhabi. With two towers of 58 and 88 stories respectively which provide a floor area of 550,000m²in total, architects Norman Fosters found that Manntech were the only provider whose proposal satisified their high expectations. They demanded that the BMUs must be practical and efficient in operation without negatively impacting the building’s design. These challenges were met with a number of unique access solutions including four BMU systems which are all completely concealed when not in use. An additional challenge was presented by providing an access solution for the high energy performance panels which would also mesh with the attractive curvilinear shape of the building. This was achieved with a curving twin track, custom-built to navigate the 55 degree angle of the roof slope.

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