Elite Residence

Dubai Marina is an area at the forefront of exciting and innovative architectural developments, and the unique design and aesthetic of the Elite Tower residence complex more than makes its mark on the stunning skyline of ‘new’ Dubai. The supertall skyscraper’s 87 floors above ground rise to over 380m, offering stunning views over the Marina including the manmade island Palm Jumeirah. The luxury development is home to 695 apartments and a range of amenities and is the fourth tallest residential building in the world.

The building access solution for this project was specifically tailored to work in harmony with the architecture of the building. A single Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) was required to service the whole facade and fit within a very small designated area at the top of the building. The solution Manntech delivered was a BMU with a triple telescopic jib arm made up of four sections which provides an outreach of 26.5m. This is tailor made to extend out from four openings at the top of the building and retract to achieve a very compact parked position. Due to the limited space the BMU also includes a control system to increase safety and avoid collisions.

The BMU was installed in its permanent position before construction of the roof was completed around it. The build quality, reliability and long life Manntech provides was therefore a key consideration.

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