Fulbright Tower

The Fulbright Tower is an LEED Gold certified 52-story office skyscraper, originally known as 3 Houston Center. A part of the downtown Houston Center complex, the tower has 115,855.8 square metres of Class A office space and rises 221 metres to the roof. The bottom seven levels were designed to house four commodities trading floors. Owners and residents have included ChevronTexaco, Crescent, GE Asset Management, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, and Fulbright & Jaworski which has its headquarters in the building.

The client called for a single facade access system that was capable of reaching all the various drops in the multi-level, stepped design. To meet these needs, Manntech supplied a single custom roof mounted BMU with telescoping jib arm.

This single Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) solution weighs approximately 59,420 kilograms and needed to be installed via helicopter crane. Manntech were able to improve the efficiency of the installation process by using the same helicopter crane to mount another BMU for the adjacent 2 Houston Square on the same day. The telescoping steel components of the BMU needed to be flame spray galvanized and painted with two coats of marine enamel to lighten the overall BMU weight and reduce costs

Manntech was selected for this custom project based on experience, history of reliability and the warranty provided.

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