Mercedes Benz

Unique Building Access System for Mercedes Benz, Munich

The Mercedes Benz Centre in Munich presents a unique concept by architects Lanz Architekten und Generalplaner with a building designed for a range of specific uses and functions.

The 16-floor structure is used as a car showroom and features extensive glass elevations over multiple levels on exterior facades and interior surfaces. This design and use of materials are carefully considered to create an environment that best showcases the precision-engineered and aesthetically beautiful Mercedes cars, including the lower sections and underside of vehicles.

Bearing this in mind, the structure required a bespoke building access solution capable of cleaning and maintaining both interior and exterior surfaces. As such, Manntech was selected to supply a custom Building Maintenance Unit for the exterior of the building. The facade access system needed to be capable of practically navigating the curved, semi-oval form of the glass facade sections and the exterior of the building.

In addition, Manntech also produced a telescopic gantry for the interior of the building, and it was vital that the system be operated during visiting hours at the showroom, making the safety of the operator, the staff and the clients the utmost priority.

The gantry can carry a working load of up to 2100 kg while also adapting and aligning with the geography of the interior surfaces to provide the required coverage and work with track inconsistencies that were needed for the building’s form and features. On top of the 27.5-meter-long telescopic gantry is an additional telescopic ladder tower that allows operators to access the highest sections of the interior facade safely. The comprehensive custom building access system is completed by a fixed gantry of 14.8 meters in length, ensuring complete and convenient access to all interior surfaces.

As a leading provider of custom facade access solutions, Manntech was the only provider able to meet the client’s requirements for this project.

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