Facade Access Solutions

As a leading provider of facade access solutions, Manntech have built a strong reputation for delivering specialised, custom made systems to satisfy the unique facade access challenges presented by many of the most complex and innovative buildings across the globe.

With a proud history stretching back over 60 years, Manntech have repeatedly proved their ability to design and manufacture innovative, tailor-made facade access solutions to meet the demands of the most visionary architects and developers as they push the boundaries of what is possible in building design and construction. The culture of innovation at the cutting edge of the construction industry often means that standard access solutions are incapable of providing satisfactory results for the maintenance of ground breaking buildings. This is true of the practical coverage and functionality required to effectively service and maintain particularly large scale buildings, buildings with irregular forms and buildings with unique architectural features. In addition, the access solutions for complex new buildings are often required to be sympathetic to the design aesthetic and avoid any negative visual impact on structures intended to form an important part of the urban landscape and capture the public imagination.

Among the numerous high-end construction projects which called on Manntech’s experience and problem-solving ability for custom facade access solutions are:

Shanghai Tower, Shanghai: a megatall skyscraper which pushed forward the possibilities for tall building construction in terms of sheer scale and unique design. It therefore called for an equally innovative, customised facade access solution. Perhaps most notably, the geography of the roof involves a complex series of angles and slopes which existing access systems could not navigate satisfactorily. In response, Manntech developed the world’s first 3D climbing BMU specifically for this project. This provides comprehensive coverage in combination with another seven BMUs specially developed to deliver high functionality with a particularly compact form.

World Trade Centre, Abu Dhabi: an ambitious construction project which has become famous for its unique forms. Multiple curving lines throughout the facade surface flow into the curvilinear perimeter at roof level, where a steeply sloping design creates a dramatic feature. The access solution was required to deliver complete coverage while blending with the building’s all-important design aesthetic. The custom solution Manntech developed involved a precision-engineered curving track to match the unique shape of the roof and its 55 degree slope. This allows four advanced climbing BMUs to navigate the intricate form and, when not in use, be entirely concealed from view.

Manntech’s extensive project portfolio is testament to our ability to deliver custom access solutions which meet and exceed the demanding requirements of the most unique and challenging buildings in the world.