Quality Certificates

For over 60 years Manntech have maintained a strong commitment to quality, safety and robust manufacturing. Manntech’s facade access equipment is produced using the highest quality components and standards of engineering and manufacturing. The components are structurally designed with the latest calculation software and proven with life cycle testing in conjunction with both European and American International standards.

Our commitment to our customers is to deliver building access systems of the highest quality for frequent usage over long periods of time. Due to this commitment, most installations remain in operation for over 40 years and continue to provide safe access for building maintenance.

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Quality Certificates

ISO 45001 German 2018

ISO 45001 English 2018

ISO 45001 French 2018

ISO 9001 German 2015

ISO 9001 English 2015

ISO 9001 French 2015

ISO 14001 German 2015

ISO 14001 English 2015

ISO 14001 French 2015

Quality Certificates