52 Martin Place

Automatic positioning technology for facade access system

52 Martin Place is a 36-storey A Grade office tower located in Sydney, Australia. Constructed in the mid 1980’s, the building now boasts a 5-star energy rating and lower-level facilities including cafes, restaurants, and car parking. It is conveniently situated above one of the city’s transport hubs, Martin Place Station.

To preserve the building’s unique coloured glass facade, Manntech was chosen to deliver a replacement facade access system to replace a smaller, ageing building maintenance unit (BMU). The new BMU is suitable for installation via the building’s existing elevator rather than having to use a crane, providing a cost-effective installation method for the owner.

The Type 6.1 from the modular range of building maintenance units is equipped with a knuckle-style jib and now runs along a horizontal track system with centimetre-accurate programmed automatic positioning through variable speed inverter operation and the use of absolute encoders. These features enable the BMU to navigate through tight spaces, reducing the chance of operator error.

To ensure the building’s structural support for the new building maintenance unit, concealed steel beams have been installed internally in the upper plant rooms. Manntech overcame some challenges for the steelwork installation which saw large size steel needing to be installed in an area of limited space.

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