Cityplace Tower

Sustainable BMU Modernisation of a 36-year-old Manntech BMU for Luxury Living: Retrofit Solutions at Cityplace Tower

Our NAM team successfully modernised the Manntech building maintenance units (BMUs) at Cityplace Tower in Dallas, preparing it for its transformation into an InterContinental Hotels & Resorts venue. This case study explores how Manntech’s tailored approach revitalised this architectural icon with a focus on sustainability.

Cityplace Tower, designed by Cossutta & Associates, is set to host InterContinental Hotels & Resorts in Spring 2025. The luxury hotel necessitates a BMU system ensuring seamless exterior maintenance for spotless windows, offering guests perfect views.

The primary goal was to upgrade the ageing Manntech BMU system from 1987, meeting client needs for improved functionality, reduced downtime, and lower maintenance costs. Manntech achieved this through a comprehensive retrofit, replacing outdated components no longer supported by the original manufacturers. The modernisation involved:

  • Replacing 99% of all electrical components.
  • Installing new control stations, switches, cables, and cable drums.
  • Upgrading from a round gondola to a contemporary bevelled gondola design.
  • Integrating modern safety features in line with current standards.

Key Benefits of Retrofit and Modernisation

  • Sustainable Operations: Manntech’s retrofit approach minimised waste by reusing and upgrading existing infrastructure rather than replacing the entire system, significantly reducing environmental impact.
  • Efficient Operations: Manntech’s on-site retrofitting approach reduces costs and minimises disruptions, avoiding large-scale replacements that cause road blockages and extended downtimes.
  • Reduced Downtime and Costs: Modern components significantly minimise downtime and maintenance expenses, overcoming challenges in finding outdated spare parts.
  • Enhanced Safety Standards: The new BMU features updated emergency circuits and systems, aligning with current safety regulations.

Adapting to Technical and Logistical Challenges

Manntech converted outdated “paper plans” to modern digital formats, providing updated blueprints for future maintenance. Custom solutions were required to match original blueprints, and our ability to adapt quickly was crucial.

Manntech was selected for this project due to our extensive experience and expertise in modernising BMUs. With a proven track record and highly qualified personnel, we are the best choice for this specialised retrofit, capable of handling machines from various manufacturers.

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