This government building was designed to integrate sympathetically with the surrounding city, whilst also providing the benefits of a modern building with good working conditions.

The architectural vision presented a number of challenges for effective facade access, including a building with rounded corners and an unusual double facade with a curtain wall of curved glass slats.  The centerpiece of the building is a large glass atrium which serves as a natural gathering place.

Manntech was tasked with producing a customised solution to maintain the facade and the curtain wall, as well as the glass atrium.

For the outside of the building, a Building Maintenance Unit drives over a free laid track system and has been specially designed to reach every surface: the outermost facade, the curtain wall and, vitally, the space between the two facades.

For the inside of the building, the atrium, a special gantry has been designed with a hanging, removable platform. This platform can traverse and slew to reach all interior facades of the atrium.

Manntech was selected for this project because of the tailored, custom made solution presented along with the reliability and safety of their designs.


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