CMA CGM Headquarters

Manntech Implements a Retrofit Solution for CMA CGM Tower

Challenges of Modern Skyscraper Maintenance
The facades of modern skyscrapers are not just about aesthetics in the world of architectural marvels; they symbolise innovation, sustainability, and technological advancement. This is exemplified by the CMA CGM Headquarters in Marseille, France, standing tall at 147 meters, a masterpiece by architect Zaha Hadid. Despite the architectural marvel, an essential aspect of maintaining the building’s pristine condition and functionality, its building maintenance unit (BMU), faced significant operational challenges. The existing hoist unit of the third-party BMU, crucial for the BMU’s operation, had ceased functioning, leading to operational disruption, such as but not limited to, window cleaning, facade inspections, and repairs.

This case study delves into how Manntech demonstrated its expertise by providing an innovative retrofit solution to restore the functionality of a third party BMU at the CMA CGM Headquarters.

Engineering Solutions for Seamless Integration
Integrating a Manntech hoist unit into a third-party BMU system posed multifaceted challenges. Aside from technical considerations, the project required navigating logistical obstacles associated with transporting heavy components to the building’s apex.

To meet these challenges, a retrofit solution was devised to incorporate Manntech’s technology while ensuring the integrity of the existing BMU remained uncompromised. Manntech leveraged 3D design tools and stress analysis to plan the integration process.

Maximizing Efficiency and Sustainability Through Retrofit Solutions
Retrofit solutions offer a cost-effective alternative to complete system replacements, providing substantial savings in both time and resources. Rather than investing in entirely new BMU systems, customers can leverage their existing BMU system while still reaping the benefits of Manntech’s technology. This approach minimises disruptions to building operations and reduces waste and environmental impact by utilising existing resources more efficiently.

Additionally, retrofit solutions have shorter implementation time than designing entirely new systems, minimizing downtime and ensuring a quicker return to normal building operations. Encouraging customers to embrace retrofit solutions enables them to optimise the performance and longevity of their buildings while embracing sustainable practices for the future.

Manntech’s retrofit solution succeeded, setting a new benchmark for innovation in facade access solutions. Our dedicated team completed the on-site installation in 4 days, prioritising quick restoration of the BMU’s functionality. With the integration of the Manntech hoist unit, the system was revitalised, ensuring that the facade of the CMA CGM Headquarters maintains its pristine appearance, perfectly aligned with the architectural vision. This success was echoed in a subsequent project in Berlin, where we provide a retrofit solution for a third party BMU using Manntech’s technology, further showcasing our company’s expertise in delivering adaptable and cutting-edge solutions across various BMU systems.


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