Four Seasons Hotel
Miami, Florida

The Four Seasons Hotel Miami is part of a larger tower structure which has been a defining feature of the downtown Brickell Financial District since 2003, with the tower as a whole being the second tallest building in the state of Florida.

The design by Gary Edward Handel & Associates and Bermello Ajamil & Partners is built to withstand hurricane-force wind conditions and contains a wide range of luxurious hotel rooms, suites, condominiums, office and retail space as well as health club and terrace pool facilities.

The specific requirements of this project called for a new building access system for the hotel section with a single Building Maintenance Unit capable of providing comprehensive coverage of all facade surfaces across the hotel levels. Among the structural challenges this project presented was the geography of the building which is based around a low-rise section from which the high-rise skyscraper emerges. The client, therefore, consulted with Manntech’s expert team regarding a building access system to replace and improve on the functionality provided by the older model BMU which was in place for the lower section.

The facade access solution Manntech developed in response to these requirements is built around a Building Maintenance Unit with a twin jib design allowing for a 5.4 metre (18 foot) cradle to be safely and efficiently utilised for the upkeep of every part of the hotel building envelope. The BMU travels on four wheels to facilitate easy and convenient transport to various drop points around the entire perimeter, while an additional material hoist provides functionality for vital maintenance tasks involving heavy lifting such as glass panel replacement. The BMU jibs also provide the functionality of a folding mechanism which allows them to retract as they are lowered below the building parapet and the unit is therefore hidden from view when not in use.

Manntech’s experienced engineering team proved their ability to work with the clients throughout the process and deliver on all of their requirements for a facade access solution with improved functionality without any overly complex work required for the redesign. The practicalities of installation were also carefully thought out to minimise disruption. In consultation with other partners, Manntech successfully planned and executed an installation strategy using a street crane to remove the old BMU and lift the improved system to the hotel’s roof level.

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