Highlight Towers

Highlight Towers is an imposing twin tower office complex in Munich. Standing 126 metres and 113 metres respectively, the two towers are amongst the tallest in Munich and are linked by two sky bridges made of steel and glass. The sloping roofs of the towers form a continuous line across the two buildings and they are a focal point for visitors to the city.

A key point of interest for this building access system is the concealment of the Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) using the architecture of the building and its features. The taller tower, Highlight I, is serviced by a BMU with a double telescopic jib and telescoping mast, offering an impressive range of movement. The BMU delivers a maximum reach of 19 metres and retracts to just 7 metres in its parked position where it is almost entirely hidden from view by the lift motor room.

Similarly, the BMU on the roof of the smaller tower, Highlight II, is parked out of sight under the lift motor room. Again it features a double telescopic jib with a maximum outreach of 16.3 metres and also provides luffing in order to access the roof of the motor room above the unit. Both BMUs also have a material hoist, capable of handling loads up to 600kg, for replacing glass panels.

Manntech‘s commitment to safety provisions was especially important during the installation process due to the potential hazards presented by sloping glass roofs of the towers.

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