MAIWP Headquarters
Kuala Lumpur

Complete facade access for the new MAIWP Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur

Manntech, as the pioneers in advanced German engineered facade access systems, recently delivered a pair of building maintenance units for the new MAIWP Headquarters building located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The 28-storey mixed-use building, which will become the headquarters of the Federal Territorial Islamic Religious Council (MAIWP), features 15 levels of office space alongside abundant banquet and seminar facilities. Designed by local architecture firm Arkitek FAA, renowned for developing futuristic facilities across the country, MAIWP Headquarters features a unique staggered facade. The five tiers of the staggered facade represents the five pillars of the religion (Islam), which constitute the basic norms of Islamic practice.

The facade provided a challenge for Manntech’s engineers who were required to develop a facade access system that provided access to the entire building, whilst also considering the limited roof space. Drawing on years of experience, the Manntech team developed two fit for purpose Type 6 building maintenance units, each featuring a telescopic jib to achieve outreaches of 15.5 metres and 23.5 metres, respectively. With both BMUs situated at roof level, the pair rely on differing mast designs to achieve full facade coverage; the first is with a 10-metre telescopic mast, and the latter has a 6-metre fixed mast.

The client was satisfied with the solution and the overall experience with Manntech, having visited the Manntech production facilities throughout the process to witness the operations and manufacturing processes firsthand. Further peace of mind was obtained in the knowledge they were partnering with a facade access provider with a proven track record and a catalogue of references with more than 25 years of operational life within the region.

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