Olympic Tower

Replacement facade access system for Munich’s Olympic Tower

Manntech has a long history of producing innovative facade access solutions, with more than 60 years of experience and 8,000 Building Maintenance Units delivered. Renowned for a strong commitment to quality, safety, and robust manufacturing, Manntech is the chosen provider of BMUs for the world’s most unique architectural structures.

The Olympiaturm, or Olympic Tower, is located in the Olympic Park of Munich, Germany. Constructed in 1968, the 291m observation tower has since developed a reputation as the city’s major tourist attraction. Home to an observation platform, rock and roll museum, and rotating restaurant’, more than 43 million guests have visited the tower in its history. Aside from this collection of attractions, the building also serves as a broadcast station for analogue and digital radio and television.

Manntech delivered a replacement facade access system for The Olympiaturm in 2014. Replacing an original Mannesmann product, Manntech were again entrusted to provide the new solution for this project based on a proven track record of reliability. A modern replacement building maintenance unit was supplied as the previous machine serviced the iconic building for almost 50 years, demonstrating the reliability and robust engineering of the Mannesmann brand, now known as Manntech.

The building presented specific challenges relating to the installation of the building maintenance unit. The single service elevator had a capacity of only 2,250 kgs, which was accounted for by Manntech’s engineers during the design phase, which saw the requirement for small components being required for safe transport

A unique feature of the building maintenance unit is its slow speed brake, which activates when the hoist unit stands still. It’s a key safety feature as the slow speed brake prevents the rope from uncoiling due to the building height and ensures the safety of the operator in the cradle.

As a result, Manntech delivered a BMU with a 25m lifting height and 2.2m outreach. Positioned on the observation platform, advanced modelling methods helped ensure that the system is hidden from visitors when parked, as the parking size of the BMU is very small.

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