Santander Tower

Manntech Type 4 Economical BMU assists to enhance efficiency and operational capability at the Santander Tower

The Santander Tower, located in Dallas, USA, was designed by HKS Architects and stands as a significant landmark in urban architecture. Managed by Woods Capital, the property sought to upgrade its facade access system to enhance efficiency and operational capability. The existing system required replacement to accommodate the needs for facade coverage and roof load capacity.

Manntech was commissioned to provide a solution that matched the existing infrastructure and improve window-washing efficiency. The outcome was the implementation of two Type 4 Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) from the Economical Range, designed to operate simultaneously, minimising downtime and maximising facade maintenance efficiency.

Precision and Efficiency in Urban BMU Installation
One of the critical challenges in this project was installing the new BMUs. Due to the constraints of the urban settings and the need for minimal disruption, Manntech used a helicopter to lift the machine components to the roof. This operation was completed within a tight window of 4-6 hours, demonstrating Manntech’s ability to manage and execute complex logistical tasks efficiently.

Once on the roof, the components of both machines were assembled manually within three days. This rapid assembly was critical in minimising the impact on the tower’s daily operations and is a testament to Manntech’s skilled engineering, project management and installation team.

The BMUs are designed to be almost invisible from street level, retaining the architectural integrity of the tower. Moreover, the dual-BMU setup ensures increased cleaning performance. This benefits a high-traffic commercial building like the Santander Tower, where appearance and functionality must consistently meet high standards.

Superior Design and Execution
Manntech was selected over competitors due to its robust design capabilities, expertise in managing complex installations, and the reliability offered by the dual BMU system. The Type 4, operating on a concrete track, features large polyurethane wheels that adjust for unevenness. Additionally, one of the machines is equipped with a material hoist, enhancing its utility by enabling both facade cleaning and repairs to be conducted. The level of detail in planning and execution sets Manntech apart in the industry, reinforcing our position as a market leader in facade access solutions.

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