Symphony Tower

Facade access system delivered by helicopter for Symphony Tower, Atlanta

The Symphony Tower is a 41-storey building located in Atlanta, Georgia. Designed by Connecticut-based architectural firm Pickard Chilton, and constructed in 2006, it soars to a height of approximately 200 metres and features office spaces, retail facilities, and a large parking deck with 1,200 spaces. The building is set apart by its two glass fins rising from the north and south walls. Known as “the Veils”, these fins are lit up at night to truly make the Symphony Tower a stand-out feature of the Atlanta skyline. Thanks to its environmentally conscious design, the Symphony Tower has obtained gold certification from the United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Permanent access to the facade was required on the North and South elevations of the building. Manntech was selected as the provider of choice to provide an appropriate facade access solution thanks to our long-term relationship with the project consultant and client. 

The project came with its own set of unique challenges including the need to work within tight space limitations and ensuring any equipment used did not compromise the existing structure of the building. The locations of the building maintenance units to be installed were almost 110 feet from roof level to the top of the Veil, and they could only be accessed by climbing a vertical ladder. 

Undeterred, Manntech is proud to present a facade access system that met all requirements of the project. Two Type 4.2 Manntech building maintenance units were installed which travel on horizontal tracks mounted to the parapets or walls of the structure. The facade access systems were designed with a main jib that could rotate in various directions to access the building’s roof level as well as its exterior glass facade. This allows for operators to be hoisted from roof level to the top of the Veil, rather than having them climb a ladder over 100 feet high. 

Working in collaboration with the sales office, the Manntech design team determined an air crane was the most suitable method to install the building maintenance units, as the components required a design matching the maximum lifting capacity of the helicopter. This solution enhanced the safety and efficiency of the installation process. 

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