The Spreeturm

Manntech designs facade access solution for the Spreeturm building, Berlin

 The Spreeturm building, located in Berlin, is an office complex designed by Eike Becker Architekten and was completed in late 2020. Rising 70 metres and spanning 20 floors, the building features a rectangular design and smooth glass facade, with the addition of a wooden terrace. The building is primarily used for office space and features an underground garage and dining and bar facilities on the ground floor. 

Manntech was awarded the project to develop a suitable facade access solution that met the client’s needs of providing a building maintenance unit (BMU) that could be parked out of sight when not in use. Crucial to the success of this project was the development of customised tracks, which would complement the building’s wooden terrace structure and ensure the facade access solution was reliable and safe for workers. Manntech was also chosen for its competitive solution to the facade access challenges presented by this project. 

Once the challenges of the Spreeturm were considered, Manntech installed a fit-for-purpose facade access solution which consisted of a Manntech Type 4 building maintenance unit and customised tracks. To meet the specific design needs of a BMU requiring low visual impact, the engineering team implemented a high jib head which allows the main body of the BMU to have a low profile. 

Through Manntech’s expertise, maintenance work can now be safely carried out on the Spreeturm building as required, ensuring the particular features of the building’s design are accommodated for and navigated safely. The facade access solution also meets the specific requirements to be parked hidden, when not in operation to preserve the aesthetic of this modern office complex rising above the Berlin skyline.

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