Project Management

From the start of our relationship, we will appoint a technical representative and project manager to guide you through the project and ensure your needs are met. They will consider elements such as your specifications, engineering calculations, building loads, machine positioning, track connections, and ancillary products in developing an estimate and tender for the optimal solution. Upon award of business, we move quickly to finalise details and timelines regarding approval drawings, manufacture, testing, delivery and installation.

Your project engineer will work closely with you to:

  • Tackle design issues and calculations
  • Establish track layout and machine positioning
  • Develop cradle design
  • Plan interface with the structure and facade
  • Plan interfaces with other trade packages
  • Comply with health and safety requirements
  • Meet local industry standards
  • Calculate a detailed cost estimation.

The higher the level of involvement of your Manntech team early in the design and building interface stage, the better the efficiency of the solution. Not only does this result in the most cost-effective outcome for you, it dramatically lowers the incidence of building modifications or rework in the latter stages of construction.

When you are completely satisfied with the design, production commences in our modern European manufacturing facility. Prior to delivery, where appropriate, clients are invited to witness the factory acceptance testing to ensure the operating specification has been achieved.


As delivery dates approach, your project manager will help you prepare for a smooth delivery process, including;

  • Site access
  • Use of existing crane or provision of crane services
  • Traffic management and coordination
  • Preparation of working area
  • Liaising with building site management
  • Preparation of garages, track work and machine locations
  • Preparation of safe working method statements

Careful planning will make for an efficient delivery process with the right people on site at the right time, meaning a minimum of material handling and less chance of error or damage.


Our specialist team of installers are all trained in Manntech methods and processes, as well as fully inducted in the specific site safety program. Progress reports will be regularly delivered, with all machines fully tested before handover. We will provide operator training and if agreed, make the equipment available for beneficial use during the final stages of construction.

For highly complex projects, a global pool of Manntech technical specialists are available to assist with challenging installations, to ensure stunning architectural masterpieces remain exactly that: stunning.