Refurbishment & Replacement

Refurbishment solutions extend the operational life of facade access systems by restoring performance and updating control systems to comply with modern safety requirements.

Refurbishments can enhance the safe operation of facade access systems, minimise downtime, optimise productivity and extend the operational life of the equipment. Through a partial or complete overhaul of the structural, mechanical, hydraulic and safety systems of a building maintenance system, customers benefit from upgraded technical and safety features and enhanced performance.

Investing in a proactive refurbishment plan Manntech provides customers with a cost-effective alternative to a full replacement. All refurbishments are developed using original OEM components and installed by highly experienced technicians.

Refurbishment Solutions include:

  • Full inspection and evaluation report of the current equipment
  • Detailed proposals to assist Manntech customers in making an informed decision as to the cost-effectiveness of the refurbishment or upgrade
  • Work carried out by highly skilled technicians, fully warranted and to the latest industry and safety standards
  • Genuine spare parts for quality and longevity

Modernisation Programmes

Through evaluating your needs and the condition of your current equipment, our technical teams can assist by preparing a range of alternatives from modernisation to complete replacement.

Additional features can be provided if needed:

  • Increase cradle capacity
  • Improved materials handling capacity
  • Glass handling and replacement options
  • Options to enable future building upgrades
  • Options to enable signage changeover

Our project management team will plan ahead with you to execute the works without disruption to the building. With experience with most types of lifting solutions, our team will ensure that any major components to be replaced as part of the refurbishment can be transported to the roof.

Refurbishment & Replacement