2021: Manntech Year in Review

Manntech is recognised globally for advanced German high quality engineered building maintenance units (BMU'S) pioneering many of the facade access systems seen in the industry today. With over 60 years of experience, Manntech have the longest history of innovation in designing end to end building access solutions.

Manntech continues its long and illustrious history by providing industry-leading facade access solutions to some of the world’s most iconic skyscrapers in 2021. Manntech is pleased to have increased its output of façade access systems to over 8000 units by providing a full solution offering that includes design, manufacturing, delivery, installation and service support.

As Manntech prepares for continued progress in 2022, let us look back at some of the projects for which the brand is delighted to have provided facade access solutions for in the past year.

New Century Plaza, Los Angeles

Two new luxury 44-storey residential buildings next to the Avenue of the Stars were the result of a redevelopment of the iconic Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles by architects Harley Ellis Devereaux.

Manntech designed two building maintenance units to overcome a range of challenges, including avoiding any negative visual impact on the carefully considered design of the two identical tri-cornered buildings.

110 North Wacker, Chicago

At 110 North Wacker, in one of the most desirable riverside locations in Chicago, architects Goettsch Partners have developed a 249m office tower on a site which had previously laid dormant due to an unusual trapezoidal shape.

A track mounted BMU provided by Manntech at roof level provides an outreach of 31 metres. In combination with a guide rope system to assist in the transfer over the buildings staggered terraces, satisfying the access requirements of all necessary facade surfaces.

Parc1 Tower, Seoul

Located on Yeouido Island in the Han River of Seoul, the Parc1 Tower features s a large shopping centre, hotel, and office complex. At 333m tall, the super skyscraper was designed by architect Richard Rogers who is well-known for his designs including the Centre Pompidou to Lloyd’s of London.

Manntech delivered a superior façcde access solution using just three high-performance building maintenance units, one on each tower structure, to access every building elevation and navigate features such as helipads.

Lloyd’s of London, London

The Lloyd’s of London building holds an unsurpassed place of importance in the City of London’s Global Financial Centre. In 2021 the building sought a new facade access system to replace the 35-year-old building maintenance units (BMUs) which had been in place since its completion in 1985.

Manntech supplied a custom facade access solution consisting of 17 building maintenance units to meet the building’s challenging requirements, including fulfilling current design standards and health and safety regulations.

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