Manntech assists with the preservation of world-famous structures

Manntech’s extensive portfolio of projects spanning over 60 years showcases our dedication to developing high quality facade access solutions that meet the unique needs of each building and the ever-changing architectural landscape. With our engineering expertise and proven track record of delivering innovative custom solutions, we confidently take on the challenges of some of the most recognisable and unique building structures.

MSG Sphere at the Venetian
The MSG Sphere in Las Vegas is a 110-meter-tall sphere-shaped music and entertainment arena. The building features the world’s largest LED screen and an exosphere constructed from LED light panels visible from kilometres away. Manntech provided an access solution that assists in the long-term maintenance of the external LED light panels from within the structure itself. This solution featured a Type 6 building maintenance unit (BMU) from the Modular range with an articulating arm, enabling close contact with the LEDs. An automatic positioning system was also incorporated to guide operators to specific facade locations.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Located in Australia, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is widely regarded as an iconic symbol of Sydney. It remains a world-renowned engineering achievement as the sixth longest spanning-arch bridge and the second widest long-span bridge in the world.

Manntech was tasked to provide practical means of access for bridge inspections and maintenance work above road level. To comply with heritage guidelines and secure approval, the installation has to adhere to specific requirements. This includes deploying a comprehensive access system without cutting or drilling on the bridge’s steelwork structure. In response, Manntech has developed a unique access solution, featuring a bespoke arch maintenance unit system encompassing motorised gantries, building maintenance units, cradles, drive bogies, and material trolleys, providing practical access on both sides of the bridge. With 280 pedestals, racks, and tracks, a 1.2-kilometer walkway, and 1 kilometre of conductor bars, the access system spans the entire width of the bridge.

The 106 Exchange, Kuala Lumpur
The Exchange 106, also known as the TRX Signature Tower, consists of 95 floors and 445.5 metres in height, making it the second tallest building in Malaysia. A building of remarkable scale and social significance demanded a reliable facade access system with effective access strategies. The illuminated crown, a distinctive feature, is serviced by a single building maintenance unit. With a telescopic jib providing an outreach of 23.5 metres, luffing functionality, and a slewing cradle, the BMU can navigate challenging architectural features while concealing itself within the crown when not in use. Additionally, three BMUs located at level 90 service the main facade surfaces within the building.

The World Trade centre, Abu Dhabi
The World Trade Centre is a complex consisting of two skyscrapers: a residential tower with 88 storeys and a hotel with 58 levels. Together, they boast a combined total floor area of 550,000 square metres. Manntech carefully approached the project to preserve the building’s unique curvilinear shape. Custom-built curving twin tracks were installed on the 55-degree sloping roof to facilitate maintenance access for high-energy-performance panels. The systems servicing the sloping roofs are cleverly concealed, utilising a shunt car for parking. To navigate this complex area, the BMU on the sloping roof features a rotating turntable, while an automatic computerised control system ensures precise positioning at the slewing ring.

Petronas Towers
As the world’s tallest twin towers, the Petronas Towers posed unique facade access challenges, requiring a custom solution. The BMUs consisted of two units in each spire, cleverly positioned on a turntable, allowing them to be fully concealed behind panels when not in use. These crane-type BMUs can be driven towards the roof edge and telescoped over the building’s side. The system also includes smaller machines on lower podiums, along with two BMUs travelling along the length of the sky bridge, one above and one on the underside.

Manntech’s extensive project portfolio demonstrates how we can meet the requirements of any complex architectural structure. Get in touch with us to learn more.