Access solutions for works of art

As the longest-established building access specialists, Manntech have been closely involved with several exciting projects which include access for various types of artwork as a key requirement.

There is a growing trend among developers and architects for thinking more deeply on the human experience when developing new constructions and renewing of older buildings. This involves careful consideration of not only the engineering and aesthetic aspects of the building itself, but how the people who live, work and play there interact with and respond to space.

Beyond basic physical comforts, thought leaders in the industry are asking how the built environment can make a positive contribution to people’s lives and general well-being. The answer obviously varies from one project to the next but often includes the provision of gardens, social spaces and inspiring works of art as an integral part of the building, forging emotional links with the people who inhabit the space.

As the longest-established building access specialists, Manntech have been closely involved with several exciting projects which include access for various types of artwork as a key requirement.

ANZ Tower and Liberty Place, Sydney

ANZ Tower is the focal point of Liberty Place, a vibrant new urban development encompassing business, retail, dining and leisure. The Liberty Place precinct involves a commitment to a social sustainability agenda, with an emphasis on creating new public spaces and providing a home for public art.

The access systems needed to comprehensively service the tower itself and the wider Liberty Place precinct. The solution Manntech delivered is a full access system utilising a wide range of machines and techniques. The main tower facade is serviced by a compact crane type Building Maintenance Unit on a track at roof level. The suite of access solutions for the precinct, and the important works of art it features, includes bespoke ladder and stairway systems, both rolling and socket davit systems and rope access anchors.

The Edge, Amsterdam

At the heart of this development is an atrium designed to be a social hub and help foster a healthy and productive internal working culture. Manntech was tasked with producing a truly customised solution to maintain the complex building, as well as a solution to mount and maintain works of art. The unique design of the building meant the access system needed to match the architects creation for innovative thinking and imaginative solutions to provide full coverage for both the interior and exterior. For the inside of the all-important atrium three special BMUs and an aerial work platform have been installed. Artworks are accessed with a custom made Building Maintenance Unit consisting of four hoists with an aluminum platform.

Markthal, Rotterdam

A huge work of art is at the centre of this exciting mixed-use development in Rotterdam’s inner city. The Market Hall is housed within an arch formed by 228 apartments, covering a square which serves as a central market for fresh produce during the day and in the evening remains a lively social hub with bustling bars and restaurants on the first floor. The ceiling of the market is completely covered with a breathtaking, site-specific work of art known as the Horn of Abundance.

The solution needed to provide means to maintain this work of art in pristine condition and to allow cleaning and maintenance access to every section of market hall interior. Manntech designed and supplied a 28m long gantry with a twin track which is integrated with the artwork on the ceiling. The gantry houses a mobile work platform which is capable of reaching the highest part of the facade at 40m. A mobile, pivoting platform is located underneath the bridge, where an 8m long, self-hoisting platform is fitted. A guide rail allows the platform to follow the curved facade.

Art works are valuable investments in themselves, in addition to the real value they add to the experience of residents and visitors, but incorporating works of art into any building presents specific challenges. Effective, practical and unobtrusive access systems become of paramount importance in maintaining art works and preserving the benefits they offer. Manntech have shown the value of experience and expertise in the delivery of these bespoke access systems specially tailored to the various ways art is incorporated into these visionary projects.