Cutting edge visualisation for superior facade access solutions

Manntech is world-renowned as the innovative force behind bespoke façade access solutions for the most complex and unique buildings across the globe. A large part of Manntech’s continuing success over 60 years of experience in the industry is careful and precise planning and calculations. This is vital for custom facade access systems designed and manufactured to meet specific needs and overcome a myriad of architectural or structural challenges. A key element in the process is visualisation.

Manntech’s highly engineered building access systems benefit from state-of-the-art technology during design and development, including cutting edge Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and computer-controlled design programs. The capabilities of our 3D design software also allow for visual integration of designs and concepts into the Building Interface Model (BIM). This type of enhanced visualisation capacity presents a clear advantage in terms of peace of mind on the suitability of the facade access solution for the unique requirements of every building.

This sophisticated process of visualisation, as opposed to the provision of technical plans and drawings alone, can also assist significantly to demonstrate project details to stakeholders. Visualisation can, for instance, clearly and viscerally demonstrate to all concerned how a BMU will operate, how it will achieve its intended functionality including outreach and machine movement, navigation around the building to reach every facade surface, the frequency of cleaning cycles and how it will avoid negative visual impact on the building’s appearance by parking in unobtrusive or entirely concealed positions.

Beyond peace of mind, computer-aided visualisation plays an important practical role, allowing any potential complications to be identified early, well before the manufacturing stage. Being able to effectively visualise and address integration issues at this early stage avoids the stress, expense and delays involved in adapting or rethinking the application of the Building Maintenance Units. Even where re-design of one or more parts of the complete building access system after installation can be avoided, the risk is that an inferior design and visualisation process results in an unsatisfactory facade access system that is not fit for purpose in terms of cleaning and maintenance tasks and not sufficiently integrated with the building’s architecture and visual design.

This forms part of a complete design engineering process geared towards delivering bespoke facade access systems tailored to the requirements presented by any type of building. Advanced visualisation techniques help us to provide the best possible access solution to complex challenges such as unusual building forms and materials, navigation of slopes, angles, balconies, or atriums and, most importantly, helps to ensure operational safety.

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