How the Manntech consultation and design process facilitates better access solutions

Across numerous projects all over the world, our design team have proved themselves capable of developing facade access systems which overcome any challenge they are faced with.

For over 60 years as leaders in the industry, Manntech have earned a reputation as a driving force for innovation and pioneering advances in facade access systems which have since been picked up by the wider industry and have become more common features of standard building access equipment. This continuing drive for innovation stems from the Manntech team and their approach to the particular access challenges presented by each individual client and each unique project.

The consultation and design process, therefore, focuses on the needs of the client and the nature of the building itself. Rather than presenting only partial, imperfect solutions which can be achieved with existing machines and methods, Manntech’s consultation process has always focussed on striving to meet our client’s requirements and rise to the challenges presented by unprecedented architectural features. Where the appropriate equipment is not readily available, Manntech’s approach has always been to get to work delivering customised access systems which are designed and engineered to meet the client’s requirements and, in some cases, exceed their expectations of what they thought possible.

The detailed consultation process encompasses a wide range of factors including the building parameters and engineering calculations, the specific functionality required of the access system from cleaning cycles to material hoists, track layout, machine positioning and any requirements for the access equipment to be concealed from view when not in use or to otherwise complement the aesthetic of the building. Early consultation with experts such as Manntech provides the best possible opportunity to achieve a facade access system which is truly integrated and performs in perfect harmony with the building itself.

All of this feeds into developing designs which will deliver a tailor-made solution to protect the life of your building’s exterior for many years to come. The design process utilises state-of-the-art technology including CAD and computer-controlled design tools. It is also possible to leverage the capabilities of our 3D design software and integrate our concepts and designs into your Building Interface Model (BIM). This not only provides a useful visualisation of the finished system but also allows us to work with you to confirm sufficient coverage of all surface areas and desired functionality, as well as providing the opportunity to identify and address any integration issues promptly before proceeding to manufacturing and installation.

Across numerous projects all over the world, our design team have proved themselves capable of developing facade access systems which overcome any challenge they are faced with. Where standard access systems are simply not fit for purpose due to the size or shape of the building, the materials involved, the requirement to navigate difficult sloping surfaces, tight angles, atriums, balconies or other architectural features, Manntech’s designers have shown time and again their ability to meet or exceed clients’ requirements by drawing from a wide range of equipment and options to create a complete harmonious system or, as in the case of the world’s first 3D climbing BMU, to design and produce entirely new pioneering solutions to seemingly insurmountable access challenges.