Industry-leading Facade Access guide highlights Manntech as a world-leading provider

Facade Access, a publication by Ahamed Hussain, published by Notion Press, has noted Manntech as an industry-leader in facade access solutions. Exploring the theme of ‘Engineering Excellent Meets Architectural Challenges’, the guide highlights Manntech throughout its coverage of ‘iconic projects with challenging architecture around the world’.

Recognised globally for advanced German high-quality engineered building maintenance units, Manntech has delivered pioneering facade access systems for some of the world’s most famous buildings, skyscrapers and landmarks.

The Facade access guide features some of Manntech’s most innovative work across its global portfolio of esteemed projects.

World Trade Centre, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Accuracy and functionality were key to the success of the facade access system at the World Trade Centre, Abu Dhabi. Norman Fosters, the architects of the two-tower complex also required that the facade access system did not obscure the visual impact of the architectural design. Manntech developed a curving twin-track on a 55-degree angle to enable the 4 building maintenance units to navigate the curved, sloping roof of each structure.

Shanghai Tower, China
Defined by its twisting form and curved roof, Shanghai Tower presented a number of facade access challenges. Manntech developed a bespoke zone-based system of seven building maintenance units including the world’s first 3D climbing BMU to create access across the curvature and length of the 632-metre tower.

Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Manntech developed a unique facade access system for Kuala Lumpur’s most famous landmark. Designed by architect Cesar Pelli, Petronas Towers is world-renowned for its structurally complex twin-tower design and skybridge. Manntech pioneered the first ever soft rope system to develop a facade access system comprised of 4 building maintenance units to provide comprehensive coverage of the skybridge and the 452-metre towers. Two units reside in each spire on a turntable so as to be completely hidden when not in use.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia
When working on the world-famous landmark, Manntech overcame a number of challenges to provide comprehensive access across the length of Sydney Harbour Bridge. As the bridge remained open as a tourist attraction and functioning bridge throughout the entirety of the operation, Manntech delivered safe and practical access to the structure through a bespoke gantry-based design comprised of two motorised gantries and 2 building maintenance units to allow for maintenance and inspections.

Lotte World Tower, Seoul, South Korea
As a supertall skyscraper, Lotte World Tower required a total of seven crane type building maintenance units to provide comprehensive access across the length of the 556-metre structure. Manntech overcame the challenge of limited space for the BMUs parked inside the structure of the building at level 73. The size of the tower required large building maintenance units that were concealed when not in use. Manntech developed a system of units that could rotate inside the tower as part of a compact facade access solution.

Q1 Tower, Gold Coast, Australia
Manntech were tasked with developing a replacement BMU for Q1 Tower in Australia. Utilising the existing horizontal track of the building, Manntech designed a building maintenance system that was compatible with the tower using building information modelling for a design that was integrated seamlessly into the existing structure of the building.

Markthal, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
The large arch shape of Markthal in Rotterdam features a flexible suspended glass facade that required a unique facade access system. Manntech developed a system capable of reaching all areas of the building’s interior for regular cleaning cycles. The 28-metre gantry system utilises a twin-track and is incorporated into the ceiling so as not to detract from the integrity of the art displayed within the building. A mobile pivoting platform was also deployed to preserve the appearance of the arc of the facade.

Fulbright Tower, Houston, USA
The multi-level stepped design of Fulbright Tower in Houston required a building maintenance system capable of reaching the various drops incorporated into the structure. Manntech overcame this challenge to develop one custom roof-mounted BMU with a telescoping jib arm. With innovation and practicality at the heart of this project, Manntech delivered the building maintenance unit by helicopter for fast installation.

The book has recently released on Google Play by its author Ahamed Hussain, a leading facade access consultant in the industry.

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