Introducing MyBMU

Manntech are proud to introduce our newest remote monitoring technology, MyBMU

MyBMU is a customised web-based portal developed by Alimak Group to enhance the safe and efficient use of facade access systems from Manntech. The remote monitoring portal has been designed to provide users with access to up-to-date information on their facade access equipment from Alimak Group.

The portal displays various operational information, with data collected and displayed in an easy-to-read format. Information such as the number of starts and hours in operation provides owners with an accurate analysis of how the equipment is utilised.

The benefit of this data is immense to support the overall asset management for owners by anticipating necessary maintenance and repairs as required, enhancing safety, ensuring maximum product uptime, and minimising downtime due to repairs.

What is MyBMU?

MyBMU is currently piloted worldwide and will become part of the facade access systems for most of the Manntech product range from 2023. This new tool will provide vital data insights on equipment, eliminating the guesswork of predicting maintenance requirements for building maintenance units.

The MyBMU portal provides the maintenance team, operators, and product owners with access to:

  • All standard machine information, including the latest technical documentation, certificates, and potential safety bulletins
  • Operational manuals and quick interactive guides
  • Access to online training courses
  • Machine status position of the building maintenance unit
  • Service information and easy access to support
  • Remote support from our service organisation
  • Statistics of machine usage – hours, drops and coverage of the facade
  • Easy to use reporting system for damages to the facade

How does it work?

MyBMU is empowered via remote monitoring of state-of-the-art PLC systems utilised in Manntech building maintenance units (BMUs). The products are equipped with a router to send data from the BMUs and are certified to ISO 27001, the internationally recognised standard for information security.


For more information on MyBMU, contact our Manntech facade access specialists.