Manntech’s extensive design experience

At Manntech, design is the first important consideration in developing a facade access system that will best suit a project. Manntech has a large and experienced team of design engineers skilled in creating safe, functional, and cost-effective facade access solutions for even the most challenging structures.

What’s more, our design engineers work with architects, consultants, builders, and developers to create an integrated solution that provides the required access while integrating into the building’s architectural design.

Design engineers consider several criteria throughout the process to ensure the best solution.

Structural design

The first and most critical task for design engineers is to evaluate the structure. Engineers will examine the structure’s height and the quantity and shape of its facades when deciding which product is most suitable and whether customisation is required. A building of low complexity, for example, might be best suited to a Type 1 series product. Similarly, the design engineer will evaluate whether the building has unique architectural characteristics, such as atriums, which are frequently best suited with a gantry as a facade access option.

Facade material

Facades can be made of various elements, including concrete, metal, brick, glass, stone, or terracotta. Manntech’s design engineers consider the material’s cleaning requirements such as the type and frequency of cleaning. Brick and terracotta, for example, will require less regular cleaning cycles using acid-based solutions than glass, which will require frequent water pressure washing.

Building loads

Engineers must carefully examine the load constraints of the building’s structure when developing facade access systems. Similarly, at this phase, special attention will be paid to the facade access system’s installation method to determine the best approach to ensure that the system is developed accordingly, such as in components to be transported via elevators or cranes.

System placement

Manntech recognises how important it is for building owners to keep facade access systems hidden to preserve the structure’s architectural character. Throughout the design phase, the engineers will use tools such as the Facade Access BIM Library to compare and select the best solution for each building’s needs. This tool aids in the simulation of the product’s use throughout the project by displaying a visual image of the facade access system early on.

Learn more about the factors considered by Manntech design engineers or contact the professional team for additional information on the many facade access solutions available.