The CTUBH Awards celebrate two winning skyscrapers featuring Manntech facade access systems

The Council for Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTUBUH) aim to recognise and celebrate the most innovative and sustainable buildings in the world as part of the 2021 Tall + Urban Innovation Conference. A key part of the conference is the CTBUH Awards Program which highlights the worthiest projects and individuals across a range of building categories.

As the pioneer of German-engineered facade access solutions and a leading name in building access innovation to the present day, Manntech was well represented at the awards, with two celebrated building projects in particular relying on Manntech’s expertise.

Winner of Best Tall Building 200-299 meters Award of Excellence: 110 North Wacker, Chicago

110 North Wacker was recognised for harnessing the potential of a prime piece of Chicago real estate which was previously underdeveloped. The unusual footprint of the site made a standard office building floor plate unworkable, while the zoning requirement for a wide public walkway at the riverside added to the complexity. The building, therefore, takes on a trapezoidal shape along with covered riverside walkways and architectural features which create open space and stunning vistas. This ingenious design created a number of challenges for appropriate facade access which required a bespoke solution from Manntech. A building maintenance unit (BMU) at roof level is capable of navigating numerous complex features including staggered surfaces, large setbacks, terrace areas and vertical glass mullions. With an outreach of 31 metres and a guide rope system to aid with transfer over terraces, the BMU achieves comprehensive facade coverage while also employing a telescopic roller design which allows it to spread its weight over several thin glass fins as it travels and whilst remaining within the limits of the weight they can bear.

Winner of Best Tall Building 300-399 meters Award of Excellence: Address Beach Resort, Dubai

In the taller height category, the Address Beach Resort, also known as Jumeirah Gate, was also celebrated for its contribution to innovation. Located close to the beach and at the far edge of the sprawling Dubai Marina, the building design was conceived as an instantly iconic landmark that would express the transition between the land and water, urban and natural contexts. Its setting also provides for all-important views to Bluewaters, Palm Jumeirah, and the beachfront itself. The architectural form is therefore defined by a unique elliptical shape and a large void space in the centre of the building which not only artfully expresses the gateway concept but also allows for greater natural light and a multitude of engaging spaces for guests to discover. Again, innovative architectural projects call for the similarly innovative facade access solutions Manntech can deliver. Both tower structures on each side of the void feature a highly functional BMU. The units are hidden from view within the building when not in use, emerging from between floors using a launch trolley and following the curving form of the building on uniquely shaped tracks. A BMU is located at the bridge running across the top of the void. This is hidden from view within the soffit as it travels across the horizontal bridge and performs vertical drops.

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