When is it time to replace a building maintenance system?

Building Maintenance Units are a vital part of a long term investment in the continuing success of any tall building, ensuring that cleaning, maintenance and repair work can be carried out regularly and reliably with sufficient facade coverage and functionality.

Manntech Building Maintenance Units are always designed and engineered to serve these needs over a long operational life. High build quality, in conjunction with appropriate servicing and preventative maintenance by qualified technicians, means that many of Manntech’s building maintenance systems are still operating well decades after the initial installation. Any highly engineered system, even those of the best possible quality in the facade access industry, will inescapably be subject to aging and some level of deterioration over many years of use and reduced performance can put the building at risk. There are a number of reasons that those responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of older buildings might consider replacing an aging building maintenance system in order to reap the benefits of increased efficiency, in addition to any new technology which has developed and any improved functionality which may not have been available previously. It is also worth considering replacement Building Maintenance Units when an older building is undergoing a period of wider construction, renovation or modernisation. This can be an opportunity to both ensure that the capabilities of the building access system are tailored to the changing parameters and needs of the building and, in broader terms, that the investment of time, effort and finances is sustainable over the long term.

As the innovator of bespoke German engineered building maintenance solutions and the driving force behind a culture of continuous innovation in building access technology, Manntech’s extensive portfolio includes multiple projects where the time had come to replace the building access system for the varied reasons above. Just one example is Three Allen Centre in Houston, Texas. Since its completion in 1980, this building has stood as the anchoring focal point of the wider Allen Centre Complex. As part of a multi-stage redevelopment program, Manntech’s expert team were required to develop a replacement building access solution for Three Allen Centre which replaced the original BMU. Not only did the new system match the capabilities of the original but was specially developed and designed to meet the challenges presented by an established occupied site. Following extensive visits, the replacement twin arm BMU was lifted to roof level using the building’s freight elevators with each individual component specifically designed to remain within tight limitations on weight and dimensions. Once installed, the BMU also fits within the pre-designated space available and provides compressive coverage across the octagonal facade.

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