Why a facade access system is the ideal choice for building maintenance

Facade maintenance refers to the cleaning or preservation of a building’s exterior surfaces. This process is essential to ensure that a structure’s condition does not deteriorate quickly, which ultimately requires costly refurbishment and repairs. Ideally, each building should develop a cleaning cycle that considers the type of material used for the facade, local climate, and the building’s use. 

Manntech, globally recognised for advanced German high quality engineered facade access systems, offers a range of building maintenance units to achieve efficiency and safety across cleaning cycles.

As architectural developments result in taller and more complex buildings across the globe, the installation of building maintenance units has become increasingly necessary.

Preserved architectural aesthetic

Millions of dollars are spent on architectural design, with stakeholders such as building owners and architects opting to create a space that makes a visual impact or holds aesthetic value. Unfortunately, the range of available facade materials, including glass, concrete or metal, are susceptible to wear and tear due to weather, pollutants, and pests such as birds. Regular maintenance helps to combat this damage and preserve the buildings pristine condition in the long term. What’s more, a Manntech facade access system can often assist in more complex tasks such as replacing windows, repainting surfaces or installing or repairing signage.

Extended facade life

Manntech understands that the purchase of a facade access system is a significant investment. However, in the long run, this system could save building owners a budget surplus that would otherwise be spent on facade replacement work. Facade materials left for long periods exposed to the elements can develop staining, rust and calcification that is costly to remove or often beyond repair. Manntech’s facade access systems are well-known in the industry for their ability to extend the lifetime of all types of building structures across the world.

Superior safety 

Manntech’s facade access equipment offers a safer solution that prioritises users, building tenants and the general public. Manntech is constantly innovating to provide enhanced safety programs and advanced safety features as part of the ongoing development of all products. Manntech does not only fulfill the safety requirements of the respective country also ensures that even after 30 years of usage, our machines are still safe for use. Manntech machines are equipped with a minimum of 30,000 cycles of usage.

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