How Manntech deliver custom facade access systems for high-complexity buildings

With the longest history of any building access provider, stretching back over 60 years, the Manntech brand is well established as the pioneering innovator of bespoke building maintenance systems.

Our expert teams have designed and manufactured numerous custom building access systems to meet the unique access challenges presented by the most highly complex, visually and technologically stunning constructions all over the world. Manntech is often called upon for custom solutions where standard façade access systems are found not to be viable and the project requires other building maintenance systems such as mast climbers or advanced Building Maintenance Units with, for instance, telescoping or articulated jib arms and notably the first ever 3D climbing BMU.

Many of the custom solutions Manntech have developed to deliver practical, unobtrusive building access which satisfy the demands of the most visionary architects have often been more widely imitated across the industry until they become considered commonplace. Nevertheless, Manntech’s passion for innovation is as strong as ever. Our speciality remains in applying our experience and problem-solving expertise to made-to-order, custom building maintenance systems such as the examples below.

World Trade Centre, Abu Dhabi

The striking, curvilinear form of this building by architects Norman Fosters presented a demanding brief which called for a high-functioning access system which could overcome technical challenges whilst avoiding any visual impact on the building’s aesthetic. This could only be achieved by the custom solution that Manntech put forward. A curving twin track was specially manufactured to complement the irregular outline of the sloping roof and operate effectively on a 55° angle. The climbing BMU which services the roof area rotates on a turntable ad navigates the twisting track with precision thanks to a computerised control system.

Elite Residence, Dubai

This supertall skyscraper also called for nothing less than a unique, custom-made access system to deliver comprehensive coverage and functionality whilst working within challenging physical parameters. The design of the building demanded that a single Building Maintenance Unit located in a very tight predesignated space must provide for all the building’s access needs. Again, only a custom solution could meet the demands of this brief. Manntech developed a tailor-made BMU which features a four-section telescoping jib to provide an impressive reach of 26.5 metres whilst also being capable of achieving a very compact form in parked position to fit within the only available space.

Ping An Finance Center, Shenzhen

This project required no fewer than 13 BMUs to provide comprehensive coverage of the mega-tall skyscraper and its distinctive stainless steel design. The custom building access system is tailor-made throughout to deliver the necessary machine movement and functionality the unique building demands. The system utilises a combination of BMUs with single knuckle and double knuckle jibs which allow them to provide reach of up to 13 metres while also being capable of folding in to the side of the building when not in use. A further four machines with hinged jibs are concealed at the corners of the pyramid-shaped spire. Another totally unique machine was specifically developed to achieve a compact parked position which allows it to be housed within the spire, while also delivering an outreach of 29 metres.

Milad Tower, Tehran

This multi-purpose tower is the sixth-tallest in the world at 435 meters and is famous for the usual form of the six-floor pod or cupola with its outer walls stretching outwards from the top of the main shaft. This key architectural feature required an access system which went beyond the capabilities of traditional BMUs, particularly to provide coverage of the steeply sloping exterior of the cupola. Manntech delivered a custom mast climber to provide safe and reliable access to the steep underside of the tower cupola without spoiling the design aesthetic. The solution also needed to ensure that the access system was highly robust to withstand the high winds and seismic activity experienced in the region.

Those in the know recognise our extensive portfolio of celebrated custom solutions make Manntech the go-to name in building access when standard machines currently available imply will not meet their requirements.