Manntech and CoxGomyl shine in CTBUH’s ‘50 Most Influential Tall Buildings of the Last 50 Years’

Manntech and CoxGomyl have both earned a strong reputation as worldwide industry leaders of façade access providers.

The brands have been brought together as part of the wider Alimak Group of companies, who are a global leader in vertical access.  This represents a combined experience covering more than 120 years at the forefront of the building maintenance system industry, pioneering many of the key innovations and advances which ever more ambitious and complex skyscrapers have necessitated. Today, Manntech and CoxGomyl have proven their ability to develop the most efficient and reliable facade access solutions which deliver superior performance and the highest standards of safety for any building. Their portfolio of façade access systems are suitable from buildings of standard uniform shape using CoxGomyl’s tried and tested technologies to the most ground breaking architectural visions in which Manntech deliver engineered to order, custom façade access solutions.

The proud history of both brands encompasses the facade access solutions for many of the tallest, most architecturally complex and iconic buildings across the globe. The long-standing and continuing industry leadership of both Manntech and CoxGomyl is clearly evidenced in the recent list of the 50 Most Influential Tall Buildings of the Last 50 Years. This was released by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) and spans the period from the creation of the CTBUH in 1969 to the present day. No less than 20 of the 50 most influential buildings selected by this expert body rely on a Manntech or CoxGomyl building maintenance system to ensure that these significant achievements in architecture and construction are kept in pristine condition. This means that over a third, of the most important tall buildings in the world utilise the expertise and quality behind a Manntech or CoxGomyl façade access solution for all of the unique cleaning, repair and maintenance challenges every project presents.

CTBUH are the global leading association for all professionals involved in the built environment, tall building design, construction and operation. They are highly respected for their depth of knowledge, having established the international standards for measuring the height of tall buildings and as the ultimate authority on designating titles such as ‘World’s Tallest Building’. Their definitive list of the most influential buildings was put together following consultation with CTBUH members and additional input from their own respected tall building experts. Each one of the influential buildings selected as part of this exclusive group represents a significant milestone in the development of tall building design and construction. The decision making process included factors such as the parallel and continuing advances in structural innovation, iconic architectural vision, context sensitive practices, and environmental considerations.

Over the last half-century covered by the CTBUH Top 50 buildings, and even earlier, both Manntech and CoxGomyl have consistently kept pace with the constant innovation in skyscraper development across all of these areas. Both brands have repeatedly risen to the facade access challenges presented by buildings of previously unimaginable scale and complexity. Combined Manntech and CoxGomyl have also pioneered the design and manufacture of new types of façade access technologies where the existing technology was insufficient for the most ground breaking construction projects of the day, many of which have now become more widely adopted across the industry.