Manntech creates bespoke façade access solutions to meet the challenges of skybridges

A wide range of specific structural, architectural and practical factors can affect the design and functionality required of building maintenance systems in order to achieve comprehensive facade access.

Buildings featuring skybridges present a specific challenge in that they often cannot be sufficiently served by a standard BMU. This calls for the kind of bespoke facade access solution which Manntech are well known for delivering across the industry.

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) have highlighted that while there has been a significant trend towards taller buildings and increased density in the urban built environment for many years, it seems curious that the sole point of access to, and connection between, tower structures is still overwhelmingly provided only at ground level. At the same time, the CTBUH have also pointed to an increasing use of skybridges in building design with a view to better linking together various spaces and amenities. Skybridges can present the obvious benefit helping individuals to more conveniently and efficiently navigate the building, reducing the time and resources involved in travelling by elevator between spaces which are located at similar heights but in different parts of the overall structure.

Skybridges clearly present specific facade access requirements. These may be comparable to the upkeep requirements for ground level podiums which are similarly used to connect various parts of a building structure. Skybridges, however, often present even greater challenges in terms of building maintenance systems as by their nature they involve working at height and commonly require a BMU system capable of delivering safe and practical façade access to all of their surfaces, including the underside of the bridge.

Perhaps the most iconic building in the world which features a skybridge is Kuala Lumpur’s distinctive and world famous Petronas Towers. Among a wide range of facade access challenges involved in this project was the skybridge linking the twin towers at level 41 and 42. This remains the highest skybridge in the world at 170 metres. This ground breaking building and its key skybridge feature called for Manntech’s expertise and experience in developing advanced and innovative building access systems. The comprehensive façade access solution includes specific provision for the upkeep of the skybridge with one BMU located above and a second unit positioned underneath with both designed to traverse along the length of the skybridge.

Manntech’s extensive portfolio of successfully deployed building maintenance systems reflects our ability to overcome the façade access challenges presented by unique architecture and unusual building geography. Contact us to discuss how we can meet the specific requirements of your project.