Replacement solutions for aging facade access systems

More buildings rely on Manntech building maintenance units (BMUs) than any other for the cleaning, maintenance, and preservation of their facades. With over 60 years of experience, Manntech's reliable systems are found on many rooftops, still performing flawlessly after decades of service. As such, Manntech has the longest history of innovation in designing end to end facade access solutions for the world's most unique architectural structures.

Facade access systems serve buildings for decades at a time, providing a long-term access solution for various architectural structures. While regular maintenance can prolong the life of facade access equipment, natural wear can impact the system’s dependability after many decades of use. When the current system becomes uneconomical to repair or reaches the end of its service life, a replacement may be required.

Manntech collaborates with building owners to provide unique replacement facade access solutions that help maintain the pristine condition of existing building structures and satisfy the facility’s current needs. What’s more, the broader benefits of employing a replacement facade access system are abundant.

Improved efficiency

Manntech uses the most recent technology breakthroughs to produce discrete, modern replacement BMUs, guaranteeing that the most current rules and standards are met. A new facade access system can utilise modern HMI diagnostic panels, more innovative and more efficient PLCs, and higher Ingress Protection (IP) certified electrical enclosures and components. This utilisation of innovative features helps to improve the overall efficiency of the solution, generally creating a more modern product.

Upgraded safety features

As codes and standards continue to develop as research uncovers new findings relating to the safety of operators of facade access equipment, older BMUs can become outdated in this department. By replacing an aging facade access system, owners can rest assured that their employees are protected against any potential danger from its dated system. Some of the latest key safety features include hoist mechanisms with independently operating safety brakes, cradle suspension overload switches and dead-man’s control for all movements, as well as emergency-push button stops at each control panel.

Lower cost long term investment

A replacement facade access system, while an initial investment, can save owners money in the long run. The provision of a new BMU enhances the long-term investment for the property based on a 30+ year lifecycle for new systems compared to the constant servicing and replacement of discontinued parts of an old unit. Similarly, modern features such as remote monitoring enable the facility manager to evaluate the conditions of the system in real time to indicate when the next maintenance is required or a component replaced to result in less downtime.

Learn more about Manntech’s ability to replace aging systems or contact the team for information on the available facade access solutions.