Solutions for any building access needs

From standard, economical options for buildings of lower complexity, through to a wide range of BMUs with customisable features and completely bespoke engineering for the most challenging architectural structures in the world, Manntech has the right solution.

Manntech Economical, Low Complexity Building Maintenance Units

For buildings of lower complexity, there are a range of BMU options to meet your maintenance needs safely and efficiently. Where only a relatively short outreach is required from a roof mounted BMU, a single fixed length jib machine might be an appropriate solution. These machines also include jib slewing (horizontal rotation) so the cradle can be launched over the side of the building and returned to the roof for operators to exit safely. They can be mounted on a concrete runway with a guide rail or on a twin track.

Solutions For Limited Roof Space

Where space on the roof is too limited, there are a number of solutions that we can provide. A monorail system can be installed on an aluminium track fixed to the side of the building or hung from under a recess. The track can be run around corners or light curves in the facade. Alternatively, davit systems consisting of aluminium or steel arms can be dismantled and moved to access a different area of the building. After use, the davits and the cradle can be stored in dedicated areas either on the ground or on the roof.

Longer Reach ‘Crane Type’ Building Maintenance Units

These machines are more flexible and capable of meeting more complex building maintenance challenges, where longer outreach or higher load capacity is required. Depending on your needs, we can provide telescoping and luffing jibs to increase manoeuvrability horizontally and vertically. We can also provide mast and jib designs with high masts or telescoping masts to reach over high parapets or other roof features.

Building Maintenance Units For Complex Facade Access Challenges

With architectural trends becoming ever more innovative this brings increased challenges to access and maintain building facades. Where a BMU needs to manoeuvre through a negative or reverse position, upside-mounted BMUs can be suspended from tracks in the soffits, or an articulated jib can be launched from the rooftop and travel underneath an overhang. The cradle itself can also be engineered to move in three dimensions and meet any access requirements. We can provide BMUs with slewing (rotating), telescoping or detachable cradle pods. Additional manoeuvrability can be achieved with soft rope solutions that offer lateral movement across the face of the building and approaching systems that enable the cradles to move forwards into the building to service recesses or protrusions.

At Manntech we have over 50 years’ experience and an ever-growing portfolio of a wide range of standard and highly complex building access solutions. You can trust the industry leaders who are involved in every step of the solution from design and manufacture to installation and maintenance, delivering the best possible building access solution required.