Reaching further with Series 6 Building Maintenance Units

Series 6 crane type BMUs can be customised and combined to provide bespoke design solutions that meet the needs of the world’s most complex structures.

With a wide range of options and functionality, Manntech Series 6 Building Maintenance Units can be customised and combined to provide design solutions that meet the needs of the world’s most complex structures.

Larger and more versatile than compact solutions, Series 6 machines are designed to meet demands for greater outreach of up to 40 metres. This is achieved with a longer jib arm with slewing head, or the option of a telescoping jib for added versatility. This functionality is often a key requirement where it is necessary to navigate complex structures. Often, these crane type machines are also engineered to telescope vertically to an operating position that clears all roof obstructions, while parking below and between the obstructions in order to be hidden from sight.

Depending on the building parameters and the coverage required, Series 6 Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) can be deployed to travel on a horizontal roof-mounted track, on a vertical track along a parapet, or on a load bearing concrete runway at roof level. Where a travelling BMU is not required, a stationary Series 6 crane type BMU anchored in position on the roof can offer the same superior outreach and ability to navigate complex structures. Series 6 BMUs with a telescopic jib offer an impressive range of functionality, adjusting in length to the required outreach for various sections of the facade and retracting when not in use to minimise roof space requirements.

Salesforce Tower, San Francisco

A good example of the impressive functionality and adaptability of the Series 6, this project involves a comprehensive system of two identical Series 6 BMUs travelling on an O-shape track. The crane type machines feature double telescopic jibs which deliver a maximum outreach of 20 metres, retracting to a minimum of 8 metres. Both machines feature a parallelogram system, or Z-luffing, to lower the jib when not in use, meaning they are not visible in their parked position. A particular challenge this project presented was the shape of the building as it tapers inwards towards the roof where the BMUs are located. To ensure safety, practicality and ease of use, the system is designed so that the jib automatically telescopes out as the cradle descends. This ensures that the cables bear the load and the cradle does not apply pressure to the facade.

Building Access Systems to overcome architectural challenges

Elite Residence, Dubai

This challenging project called for a single Building Mainteance Unit in a fixed position on the roof to service the whole facade and fit within a very small designated area at the top of the building. The building access solution from the Series 6 range was able to work in harmony with the architecture of the building as required. The BMU features a triple telescopic jib arm made up of four sections which provides an outreach of 26.5 metres. This is extends out from four openings at the top of the building and retracts to achieve a very compact parked position.

Highlight Towers, Munich

In spite of the larger size and greater outreach of Series 6 machines, this project called for the Building Maintenance Units to be concealed using the architecture of these twin towers and their features. The taller tower is serviced by a Series 6 BMU with a double telescopic jib and telescoping mast, offering an impressive range of movement. This provides a maximum reach of 19 metres and retracts to just 7 metres in its parked position where it is almost entirely hidden from view by the lift motor room. Similarly, the Series 6 BMU on the roof of the smaller tower is parked out of sight under the lift motor room. Again it features a double telescopic jib with a maximum outreach of 16.3 metres and also provides luffing in order to access the roof of the motor room above the unit.

With a wide range of options and functionality, Manntech’s Series 6 crane type BMUs can be customised and combined to provide bespoke design solutions that meet the needs of the world’s most complex structures.