Beyond BMUs – Manntech’s comprehensive range of access solutions

For some projects, traditional, roof-mounted Building Maintenance Units are not the best choice of building access system. There might be more economical and practical solutions, or the characteristics and architecture of the building might make a roof-mounted BMU unworkable. In these instances, Manntech can deliver a range of other access solutions to suit the unique requirements of any project.

Gantries and Work Platforms

For lower-complexity structures, where the requirements for working heights are relatively low with fewer facade surfaces to consider, gantries can often deliver a practical and economical solution. Gantry systems can be deployed in a number of ways to suit the project, either with tracks on the roof or below the roof lines allowing the machines to move around the edge of the building as required before descending to complete all the necessary building maintenance tasks.

At the more complex end of the spectrum, buildings such as railway stations have commonly featured glass roofs and atriums for many years, and these design features are also becoming increasingly popular for office, residential and mixed-use buildings. This presents a need for access solutions that allow cleaning and maintenance of both the inner and outer surfaces. Manntech’s work platforms have been specially developed to meet these kinds of challenges with functional and efficient access solutions which also blend seamlessly with the aesthetic of these important architectural features. The system can be tailored to the form of each unique building and is designed to precisely echo the contours of the roof. This provides safe maintenance access to every part of the facade surface. Where necessary, interior work platforms can be also be included to provide access to interior surfaces, with the addition of cradles also providing interior wall access where required.


For buildings with limited roof space, or established uses for the roof area which preclude the use of a roof-mounted system, Manntech’s monorail systems have often been deployed to deliver the perfect solution. The monorail track itself might be deployed on the side of the building or, if it is more desirable, the track can be sited under an overhang or recess. The track can be designed and engineered to follow a horizontal, vertical or inclined configuration depending on the unique requirements of the building. For projects where, for instance, the aesthetic vision for the building calls for the building access equipment to be visually unobtrusive, monorails can often provide the opportunity to develop a practical, reliable access solution which is also hidden from view or otherwise integrated with the facade.

Manntech’s gantry and monorail facade access solutions can be found being put to work at many of the world’s most iconic and complex buildings, such as:

De Markthal, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Part of the solution for this mixed-use development was access for the market’s impressive ceiling which is home to a stunning art work. The solution also needed to provide access for cleaning and maintenance for all interior spaces in the market hall. Manntech designed and supplied a 28m long gantry with a twin track which is incorporated with the all-important ceiling artwork. The gantry provides a mobile work platform with a height capability of 40 metres to reach the highest areas of the facade. A mobile, pivoting platform is located underneath the bridge, where an 8m long, self-hoisting platform is fitted. A guide rail allows the platform to follow the curved facade.

Sozawe Groningen, The Netherlands

The SoZaWe (Social Affairs and Work) office is specifically designed to be an open, approachable space, and a large factor in achieving this is the literal transparency of the building itself. This bold design called for practical access solutions to service all areas of both the interior and exterior of the facade surface, while also delivering a system that for minimum disruption to people working and socialising in meeting rooms and in the square itself.  Part of the solution was a monorail and a self-hoisting platform which helps provide full access to the interior of the facade.

Manntech have the experience and expertise to develop the most appropriate access systems which make safety requirements a priority, provide high quality equipment and parts, all of which blend seamlessly with the architectural vision of each building.